Charlie’s Takeaway

Charlie Falcone,
CEO of Aperture

Hello Aperture clients and friends,

It’s always a mix of feelings at the end of a year when we begin to reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead.  At Aperture, it has been a busy and exciting year!  We are thrilled with the progress we’ve made in 2018 but also recognize that ongoing improvements are a critical part of any business.  Looking forward, 2019 will be a busy year as well.

All aspects of the healthcare industry continue to change.  Change, even for the better, typically comes with some type of disruption.  Credentialing and other provider data management processes are undergoing a significant transition.  At Aperture, we continue to focus on the critical things being requested by our customers such as: shorter turn-around time frames, higher data accuracy, improved reporting and ongoing access to data for sanction, exclusion and expirable purposes.

Our work process continues to utilize both technology and service.  Technology has increasingly played a bigger and more important role in the credentialing process and we will continue to make investments in automation to drive efficiency and accuracy.  On the service side of the business, our people are still the most experienced credentialing experts in the industry, which is a true value.  Our approach and value to many of our customers is the personal and custom approach we bring to the credentialing process.  Many of our verification experts and support teams have 10+ years of tenure and are familiar with all critical aspects of credentialing.  We can hold fluent conversations and recognize when a provider may have a unique situation that needs special attention or handling.

The investments we have made over the past year have helped to improve our offerings by increasing quality and reducing turn-around time frames.  Aperture maintains an ongoing technology and product roadmap and, in 2019, we will allow clients to have more real time access to an expanding list of workflow processes, statuses, and provider data elements.  We also continue to expand and improve our Alliance programs to enable better provider experience and adoption.

As always, we are grateful for our clients and encourage and welcome your feedback to help us serve you better.  Thank you.

Aperture would like to wish all of you a very happy and healthy holiday season and successful year-end.

My best,