The Takeaway

Charlie Falcone,
CEO of Aperture

Hello Aperture Clients and Friends –
This is an exciting time in health care with opportunities to advance how patients are served and how networks are managed and aligned to best serve those patients. Aperture is poised to enable those changes as they advance with new products, services and capabilities. As we transform as an organization, we are also changing our company name to Aperture Health.

Kymberly Eide,
President of Aperture

Six months ago, Aperture acquired new products, services and team members to augment the core credentialing teams and products. The addition of these new capabilities is fueling the transformation of our company from a quality-driven credentialing services organization to a partner who will not only provide core administrative services but will also enable network advancement to meet market and patient needs.


The integration of the teams, services and technology at Aperture has begun and will continue to evolve as we bring our road maps and services together. We are already leveraging opportunities with our clients to showcase new ways of solving challenges and driving greater value with the services we deliver. And, we are re-envisioning our core credentialing services in new ways. As always, Aperture maintains focused on quality, delivery and compliance to our clients and we are doubling down on both quality and customer satisfaction with initiatives underway in both areas. We look forward to sharing more about all these initiatives and capabilities in the coming months.


As we re-envision Aperture and align our broader suite of products and services, we are excited to share that we will also be changing our market facing name from Aperture Credentialing to Aperture Health, reflecting the new, broader focus of our organization. Also, look for our new tagline emerging in presentations, web and other market and client-facing documents: “Smarter networks. Better relationships.” While our focus has expanded to enable a better path to network management, we remain dedicated to enabling our clients to improve and extend their relationships with providers and network partners.


To our clients – We look forward to connecting with you more directly and sharing more about our broader offerings and enabling services. As we evolve Aperture, we will be seeking feedback and guidance in a variety of ways, including through our annual Net Promoter survey. Now more than ever, your feedback is important to us as we move in new directions and we ask that you take the few minutes needed to complete this and provide us your input when our survey arrives.


Best wishes for a successful completion of 2019 to all of you. Please look for more details in this newsletter and in further communications from us in 2020.


Charlie Falcone
CEO, Aperture Health


Kymberly Eide
President, Aperture Health