Why use a CVO

Our own Holly Garcia recently had the opportunity to speak with Deb Gullett, Executive Director of the Arizona Association of Health Plans.

Can you provide some background on the Arizona Association of Health Plans and why the association was created?

The alliance was formed by Medicaid Managed Care Organizations with the intention of identifying how to make life easier for providers. Through the development of the alliance, a standardized process was defined so that all member plans utilize the same application and forms. Aperture will then complete a committee ready file and return it back to every plan, if the provider is part of their network. We have been working with Aperture for approximately six years and the process has been a stunning success that has streamlined the process for our providers.

Our state Medicaid agency liked the idea of it so much that they have now mandated participation in the alliance for Arizona Medicaid contractors. What started off as an entrepreneurial idea has now become a state requirement.

What factors made Aperture the obvious choice to provide primary source verification services to the association?

When the Arizona Association of Health Plans was formed, there were not a lot of companies that were performing Aperture’s line of work. We obtained bids from three companies and determined that Aperture had the depth of experience that we were looking for.

What impressed us the most was Aperture’s willingness to roll up their sleeves to meet our needs, along with being there to partner with us every step of the way. Our original contract was with Optum, and the same commitment was displayed by Aperture staff and their CEO, Charlie Falcone, during an acquisition that took place. Charlie was also willing to do what needed to be done and did not hesitate to pick up the phone during this transition phase. Charlie and the entire Aperture team are valued in a huge way.

Can you talk about the impact that Aperture has made on the credentialing process for the association?

We have cut the length of time that it takes to credential providers dramatically and have created a standardized process. Most importantly, the providers know how the process works and the average length of time it will take. Healthcare providers have said that if commercial insurance companies were as efficient as the Medicaid program, they would be happy. It’s rare when you hear providers in a state wanting to see others function more like Medicaid.

Has Aperture allowed the association to expand resources available to the participating plans in the association?

By utilizing Aperture, it has provided our members the opportunity to increase efficiency by repurposing their staff to other key responsibilities within their credentialing department.

Why would you recommend Aperture to colleagues and other health plan associates to assist them with the primary source verification needs?

During the implementation of the Arizona Association of Health Plans, the alliance made every mistake that anyone could make, but Aperture was our partner every step of the way! We worked through a new way of doing business and now have a product that is being exported to other states. It’s heartening to see other states have the goal to emulate what we have and the services that we deliver in Arizona.

Aperture’s willingness to travel to Arizona and perform trainings at the group, along with their one-on-one attention, is really valued by our alliance members. We truly value the collaborative relationship that we have with Aperture. When you have a vendor relationship and can say that you are able to collaborate with them, it’s the highest praise that you can give to a vendor.