Charlie’s Takeaway

Charlie Falcone,
CEO of Aperture

A big hello to all our clients and friends.  We are midway through 2018 and Aperture is grateful to have all of you as clients!  Thank you.

I’d like to share some feedback on what’s happening at Aperture.  As you know our industry is ever-evolving, and the same is true with respect to provider credentialing and monitoring.  We view the client’s voice, your voice, as what is most important.  Your feedback allows us to focus our development on the most critical items for your success.

At the top of the list is turn-around-time (TAT) and Aperture is committed to meeting our client’s reduced needs.  Both our specific credentialing TAT and how we can affect your overall end-to-end enrollment TAT.  We’ve had lots of white board sessions internally and together with some of you to determine how we can get completed applications and verifications as quickly as possible while limiting provider abrasion.  Minimizing touch points and simplifying the process for providers has helped us to achieve new TAT standards for credentialing events…and there’s more improvement ahead.

Of course, automation plays a significant role in the process but not all provider data collection and verification can be completed via an automated process.  Aperture is pleased to be able to provide our clients with customized credentialing profiles based upon product type and geography.  Our verification specialists and coordinators are trained professionals that take pride in the accuracy and quality of their work.

One size does not fit all and the different compliance requirements for commercial and government programs sometimes can create a great deal of additional effort behind an automated process.  Our goal is to make our client’s work effort as simple as possible.  Aperture’s ability to deliver completed profiles in a unique, custom risk-sorted fashion greatly simplifies the committee process.  Also, as you may or may not know, Aperture is the only CVO that provides full committee services to its clients.  Our committee products range from virtual committee software, to pre-committee profile prep-scrubbing, to fully completed committee profiles.

I’d like to also mention how ongoing provider data monitoring continues to expand.  The number of elements that require monitoring is growing and the timeliness of access to verified match results is critical.  Real times updates of all adverse events are increasingly required for both compliance and risk management.  Aperture has invested heavily in its capabilities to provide clients with the most complete and immediate monitoring updates for sanctions, exclusions, expirables and other adverse events.

Another area of focus for Aperture is assisting our clients with managing their delegated providers.  Aperture can take full delegation oversite for its clients and performs NCQA level audits for many clients.  We also provide services directly to provider practices to allow those practices to remain compliant with their delegation requirements.

Lots of information outlined above and all of it is directly related to your requests and feedback as we grow to meet the evolving needs of our diverse client base.  Aperture is grateful to each one of its clients for the continued feedback!  We look forward to serving you, meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.  We continue to welcome all feedback on our performance and how we can improve.  I hope everybody has a great summer!

My best,

Charlie Falcone