Short Takes – August 2018

Regulatory Update – Justin Gilfert

The North Carolina Department of Insurance currently requires a provider application be evaluated.

If incomplete, that outreach for missing information be completed within fifteen days of the application’s receipt.  A 2017 North Carolina senate bill (NC SB 609) sought to change the outreach time to within five business days. Aperture has been monitoring this pending legislation since its introduction, and has received an update that the bill has failed, dying in committee. Aperture monitors credentialing legislation around the country to stay aware of changes that could impact the Primary Source Verification process.

Minnesota Credentialing Collaborative Update – Tracey Tokheim

Applications signed by anyone other than the provider will be rejected by health plans

It is important that providers sign their applications. Administrators can queue applications, which sends the provider a notification email. This email informs them that there is an applicated for them to sign and send.

For more information, go to and click on “Resources.” Steps for both the Administrator and the provider are located on this page.

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